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4-Week Hair Course London

This class is designed for individuals who wish to pursue Hair Styling as a profession. This is an intensive course covering areas of Bridal, Fashion and Media by using appropriate Hair products, techniques and tools of the trade.


NOTE:- This can also be a one to one course but needs to be specified at the time of booking and payment. One to One training is a total luxury with undivided attention to the student. Having the opportunity to study this way provides you the ultimate advantage above anyone else in a group course.​


The 4 week course works out less per week than most 5 day course, so it is great value for money! Besides you learn far more than any 5 day course can fit in, plus have more time to practise in front of the teacher and gain confidence.


The programme will contain practical demonstrations on how to achieve a variety of looks for a professional camera. It provides an insight related to working in the wedding or fashion industry including some ideas of business development, portfolio presentation and marketing your business.​

The following is covered for Hair:

  • How to use electrial appliances like

  • hair dryer

  • tong

  • Ghd

  • crimper

  • waver

  • conical wand

  • how to create curls

  • how to create waves

  • how to backcomb

  • how to create bridal buns

  • how to create chignons

  • how to use hair padding

  • how to use a donut

  • how to add hair extensions

  • how to makeup hair extensions

  • how to use hair extensions without clips

  • how to create Afro hair from straight hair

  • how to straighten hair

  • how to create Contemporary modern red  

carpet looks


  • how to create asian bridal hair for registry, mehndi, engagement, wedding, reception

  • how to create arabic bridal hair

  • how to braid hair (3 stranded, 4 or more)

  • How to do basket weave

  • how to use half wigs

  • how to use a wig

  • how to create knots, chains, twists

  • how to do a French and a Dutch braid

  • how to do a twist rope

  • how to blow dry hair using a paddle brush,

a Vess brush and a paddle brush


  • how to do creative hair (Avant garde)

This is a One to One Course or Group

Competence Level - ​Beginner​

Course Fee, Duration, Location, 4 Week Course (10am to 5pm), TBA

When is the next course?
Please request date

How to book?
Please use the Contact form or give us a call. Full payment is required to secure your place on the course.

Is this course also run in the evenings?
Most likely, just ask! If it is a 5-Day course in the day, then the evening version will be 10 evenings of 3 hours.

Who is this course aimed at?
For people who want to learn professional hair skills

What is included?

  • 4 Weeks of Intensive Training in Hair by Sana Kermani of Sana K Makeup

  • Demo of all the looks so that you know what to re-create under supervision

  • Basic and advanced skills for Hair

  • Professional Photographic Portfolio Shoot with a Professional Model under Sana's supervision

  • Access to jewllery and accesories for styling

  • 6 Edited Digital High resolution pictures for your future use

  • Experience working with a model, photographer and learn to style for a modern and a traditional look under a time-constraint (replicating real work in the future)

  • All products and tools  are provided for class use, you only need to bring yourself

  • All other items for an ongoing hair kit will be recommended to buy.

What are the Benefits?

  • Sana K Makeup and Hair students will receive a discount on further courses and shoots

  • Business advice

  • Aftercare - you can liase with us even after the course and take advice

If you are booking a training course, full payment is needed to book your place on the course of your choice


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